individual counseling

While I draw from a variety of therapeutic orientations, I find that I am most grounded in a person-centered model of therapy and a focus on how key relationships shape our experience. When I am doing my best work with clients, we are both searching for a deeper understanding of how their relationships with the world, others, and themselves came to be the way they are now and holding compassion for what has been needed at different times in their lives.
I emphasize the importance of safety, security, and availability in my work, and I aim to be a trustworthy person so that you may become ready to move deeper and challenge yourself in your path toward recovery. When we work together, we share the role of “expert;” only you can be the expert of your life, your needs, and your values, and I can help by sitting aside you with an outside perspective on what you may not have considered before.

I value the important process of helping clients begin to feel better, and then I welcome the challenge of joining clients for the deeper work of healing and restructuring their lives in the direction of greater meaning and alignment with their personal values. Additionally, I find it is essential to acknowledge the forces and structures of our world that act as barriers to recovery (including but not limited to racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, classism, xenophobia) and I collaborate with clients around where they can find and exercise power.

I work with clients with a wide variety of issues; however, I particularly connect well with women who have come from chronically invalidating environments (e.g. issues including sexual abuse, children of immature parents, people who struggle with chronic guilt and shame). I offer individual therapy for young adults (18-22) and adults (22+). I would be happy to talk with you more if you have questions about what it might look like for us to work together.  
Currently, I am working with clients individually in private practice in Seattle. Alongside my private practice, I work with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse at Roanoke Park Counseling. I am seeing all clients in my private practice virtually via a secure telehealth platform. I anticipate offering in-person services in the future as policies around health and safety continue to shift.